Peak Power Assist


Since the power supply is limited to 2.5 W (5.0 V / 0.5 A), 4.5 W (5.0 V / 0.9 A) or the capacity of the battery when the power supply of the audio system is USB or battery, loudness of the audio system islimited. Many kinds of music and voice sources tend to have high peak output power and low average output power. Trigence employs the peak power assist of the power supply that charges power to a large capacitor when the input signal is small and discharges power from a large capacitor when the input signal is large, achieving 10 W of stereo from EDLC (Electrical Dual Layer Capacitor) or SC (Super Capacitor). However a standard audio system can not be used it as a decoupling of the power supply because breakdown voltage is low. Since Trigence's products can operate at low voltage, peak power assist can be configured by using "1 F" or more EDLC or SC. Also the audio system with peak power assist improves power supply rejection ratio and sound quality when input signal is large.


  • Loud Sound from Limited Power Supply
    Audio products with peak power assist will provide loud sound volume from USB bus power, 5.0V/0.5A or 5.0V/0.9A.

  • Improved THD and Sound Quality
    Audio performance and sound quality is improved by peak power assist because power supply voltage will be stable if the input signal is large.

  • Expand Battery Life
    Audio products operating on battery power can be shutdown by voltage drop of the battery, but power supply with peak power assist prevents this problem.