Digital Speaker Module(DSM)

Digital Speaker Module (DSM) consists of speaker, enclosure, connector, FPC, audio DSP, Dnote and latest SoundWire® interface to simplify development for PC, tablet and Smart Phone required audio functionality. 
*Dnote® is a trademark of Trigence Semiconductor in the United States and other countries.


  • Completed Audio Module — No need electrical and acoustic design because of including all electrical functionalities and optimized acoustic performance.

  • Interface to Host Processor – Provides the latest SoundWire® interface to connect with the host processor, No need conventional I2S and I2C interface.

  • Easy to Connect – Provides standardized FPC and connector to connect the main PCB including the host processor.

Trigence IDF Presentation, 8th Apr. 2015- English Slides

Trigence IDF Presentation, 8th Apr. 2015- Chinese Slides

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