Make Your Sound with Latest DN3013

  • 114dB Dynamic Range with Virtual Coil® Technology

  • 24bit 192kHz Input and 32Bit Dnote® Processing

  • 5.2 x (1/fs) Low latency FIR Filter

  • 90% Efficiency for Output Driver

  • Stereo 7.2W (1% THD), 12.5W (10% THD) from 5V

  • Stereo 275mW (1% THD), 483mW (10% THD) from 1.8V


About Trigence

Trigence is a fabless semiconductor company focused on the development of ICs and integrated audio modules for digital audio products.


Our vision is to produce high-quality sound with low power consumption by replacing conventional analog circuits with innovative Digital Signal Processing.

Our products and technologies contribute to improve acoustic performance of speakers and headphone products, with extended battery life protection from over-heating for portable audio products. The integrated audio module simplifies design work and provides complete acoustic assemblies, including a low power DSP, latest audio interface, power management, and all passive components and connectors.


Dnote® is patented worldwide with the leading-edge digital signal processing developed in Japan for digital audio products that require better sound quality and long battery life. A conventional…


Dnote-LR is an innovative proprietary technology that creates new audio sound from existing speakers based on the T/S(Thiele-Small) parameter extracted from a speaker and the…


Dnote-LR+ provides excellent listening experience on small speaker systems with narrow distance between channels. A typical small speaker system creates narrow sound field and unclear…

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