Virtual Coil®


Virtual Coil® is an advanced technology that improves noise performance of digital signal modulators. While traditional multi-bit solutions have better In-band noise and out-band noise than traditional 1-bit solutions, speakers made with a single coil require analog signals from a 1-bit modulator. Trigence Virtual Coil® technology combines a multi-bit modulator with excellent noise performance and a newly developed time domain quantizer to make the same noise performance as a multi-bit solutions from a 1-bit output signal.


  • Clear Sound Quality
    Virtual Coil technology greatly improves noise performance in the audio band and out of band, and provides a clear sound experience for earphone and headphone products.

  • Available to Use Single Coil
    A voice coil for in-ear and over-ear headphones has a small diameter, making it difficult to mass produce the multi coil. Headphone products now can use conventional single coil without changing anything by using Virtual Coil technology.

  • No Impact to Battery Life Time
    The time domain quantizer for Virtual Coil does not affect battery life time of the wireless products because it realizes low power consumption with reduced computing power.