Digital Speaker Modules(DSM):

Digital Speaker Modules(DSM):

Digital Speakers and Digital Speaker Modules ("DSMs") represent and a new paradigm in audio design for handheld and portable devices.


DSMs offer many benefits including substantial power savings in battery-operated devices. Moreover, they unlock a path to future innovation and improvements in audio quality not available with the traditional static architectures used by analog amplifiers.


Watch this short presentation from the 2015 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) conference in Shenzhen to learn more.

Trigence IDF Presentation, 8th Apr. 2015- English Slides

Trigence IDF Presentation, 8th Apr. 2015- Chinese Slides

How to manufacture multi-coil?​

With Dnote®, the high-resolution digital signals generated within the processing chains of today’s consumer audio products, are carried faithfully direct to the loudspeaker electro-mechanics. By employing multiple voice-coils, Dnote® is able to drive the loudspeaker digitally.

How to manufacture multi-coil?