Voice Coil Temp. Sensing and Control


Voice Coil Temp. Sensing and Control
A standard speaker is damaged when the glue of the voice coil melts due to high temperature when input signals continue to exceed the rated level. The latest class D amplifiers detect voice coil temperature in several ways (mixing low frequency tone signal, built-in temperature rise model on chip, insertion of small resistance to speaker output line), but these methods cause degradation of temperature accuracy, power efficiency and sound quality. Trigence technology detects temperature with a newly developed “current detection circuit” with real-time DSP and automatically optimizes the input signal level to the speaker without using low frequency tone signal and small resistance to speaker line.


  • Protect Damage to Speaker
    A speaker may be damaged due to heating of the voice coil if small size speaker continues to exceed rated input power. Our technology indirectly measures temperature of voice coil and automatically controls the level of the input signal until temperature of the voice coil goes down.

  • No Affect to Sound Quality
    Voice coil temperature detection circuit does not affect the sound quality. The detection circuit detects changes of supply current due to temperature without the use of a low frequency tone signal or resistance insertion that degrades output signal.

  • Visible temperature changing of voice coil
    By using GUI running on a Windows PC, it is possible to observe in real time the temperature of the voice coil and read it as data.