Trigence technology provides sound quality, sound loudness, long battery life and speaker protection by a innovative digital signal processing for the latest digital audio products.

Digital Signal Processing without Analog
Our technology realizes clear sound, a lot of sound effect algorithm and unique speaker protection for a digital audio system with rich DSP and without using analog circuit as much as possible.


Low Power Supply Voltage
Our technology doesn’t need high power supply voltage, and provides the simplified design for power supply circuit, and improve whole system power efficiency, and uses peak power assist circuitry with EDLC or super capacitor to improve power supply quality. 

Lower Active Power Consumption
Our technology improves the overall power efficiency of the audio playback, not the power efficiency at peak power because the actual sound source has low average power or low crest factor. 


Dnote® is patented worldwide with the leading-edge digital signal processing developed in Japan for digital audio products that require better sound quality and long battery life. A conventional…


DTSC® is an innovative proprietary technology that creates new audio sound from existing speakers based using the T/S (Thiel-Small) parameters extracted from a speaker and the…

3D Sound

Trigence‘s 3D sound technology provides excellent listening experience on small speaker systems with narrow distance between channels. A typical small speaker system creates narrow sound field and unclear…

Digital Speaker Module

Digital Speaker Module (DSM) is a complete assembly that includes all electrical and passive components, acoustic components and the latest SoundWire interface...

Virtual Coil®

Virtual Coil® is advanced technology that improves noise performance of digital signal modulators. While traditional multi-bit solutions have better In-band noise and out-band noise than traditional …

Peak Power Assist

Trigence employs a peak power assist technique in the power supply that charges power to a large capacitor when the input signal is small and discharges power from large capacitor when the input signal is large, achieving 10 W of stereo from EDLC (Electrical Dual Layer Capacitor) or SC (Super Capacitor).

Damage of the speaker’s diaphragm, dumper and edge may be caused by diaphragm piston motion with long distance (over excursion) when large signal or low…

Voice Coil Temp.
Sensing and Control

A standard speaker is damaged when the glue of the voice coil melts due to high temperature when input signal continues to exceed the rated level. The latest class D...

Over Excursion Control