Over Excursion Control


Over Excursion Control
Damage to the speaker’s diaphragm, dumper and edge may be caused by diaphragm piston motion with long distance (over excursion) when driven by large signals or low frequency input. Conventional technology often uses DRC (Dynamic Range Compressor) based on modeled T/S parameter to prevent it, but at the expense of degraded loudness and sound quality, and require more complex 3 channel multi-band DRC. Trigence advanced DRC based on DTSC® that makes real speaker model on a chip controls optimum excursion while maintaining sound loudness and sound quality.


  • Protect Damage to Speaker
    Small size speakers may be damaged by low frequency and large signal input. TrigenceOver Excursion Control calculates the Excursion Level from the extracted T/S parameter of the speaker and controls the optimum piston operation by limiting the input signal to the speaker.

  • Small Impact to Sound Quality
    If aconventional audio system controls the OEC during music and audio playback, a listener may often have the feeling of decreased sound pressure level or something is wrong. Trigence OEC controls peak signals exceeding the set level and maintains optimal sound pressure level and original sound quality.

  • Easy Setting
    Trigence OEC enables setting the target Excursion Level on the GUI software according to the Excursion Level of the diaphragm calculated from T/S parameter of speaker. An audio system under development can also adjust the sound pressure level and sound quality dynamically while listening to the sound.