How to synchronize the movie between PC/Mac and your iPhone.

1) Drag and Drop your movie file(mp4, m4v, move) into iTunes Playlist to copy.

Annotation 2020-07-07 170413.png

​2) Select the movie file on iTunes and show "Music Video info" menu.

Annotation 2020-07-07 170437.png

​3) Select Option and check media kind as "Music Video". If it was not, please change it to "Music Video".

Annotation 2020-07-07 170457.png

​4) Connect your iPhone/iPad to PC/Mac, then select "MUSIC" and click "Include videos".

Annotation 2020-07-07 170525.png

​5) After complete the synchronization, the same Playlist (MOVIE) shows up on your iPhone device.

Annotation 2020-07-07 170639.png

​6)  In case you have trouble, please check "OFF" on Setting>Music>Sync Library.