‘Pure Digital’ Audio

Dnote® is a leading-edge new audio delivery system developed specifically for today’s digital products. The Dnote® system was developed in Japan and is patented worldwide. Dnote® is entirely digital, and implementable on any generic bulk CMOS process node. With Dnote®, the high-resolution digital signals generated within the processing chains of today’s consumer audio products, are carried faithfully direct to the loudspeaker electro-mechanics. By employing multiple voice-coils, Dnote® is able to drive the loudspeaker digitally. The result is a clear and precise audio output signal that typically consumes as little as one-third of the power of legacy outputs.
*Dnote® is a trademark of Trigence Semiconductor in the United States and other countries.


  • Low Voltage supply rails — simplifies system design and architecture, and improves system power efficiency

  • Lower Active Power Dissipation over traditional Class-D or Class A/B solutions – resulting in as much as 3x battery life under average listening conditions, means less heat, reduced PSU requirements, and lower overall cost.

  • ‘Pure Digital’ Audio Clarity – 32-bit signal processing, feed-forward design, and impressively low in-band noise delivers precise, highly accurate audio playback.